Whitepapers by Christof Wollenhaupt

Googlefy Your App This whitepaper looks into how you can embed Google's offering into your own application. We cover in depth how you register your application and handle authentication and autorization. The accompanied samples show how to access Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Charts, Google Maps, and more...

Excelporting No matter what kind of application you have, no matter what options you include, one day every customer wants to play with data in your application: Just give me an Excel file. If COPY TO doesn't suit you needs and COM automation is something you rather don't want to spend time with, this article will show you an alternative approach.

Introduction to COM How does COM work under the hood? This article explains some of the technical details of COM from a VFP point of view

Safe base classes Dealing with object references can be very difficult in Visual FoxPro. This article outlines a base class that provides extensive support for avoiding dangling references and crashes.

Security in Visual FoxPro Do you think your application and data are safe? After reading this article you might not be that sure anymore...

How FoxPro works internally An attempt to describe how FoxPro probably works internally and why some things are as strange as they are.

CVS, SubVersion and Visual FoxPro This article explains how you install, configure and use CVS and SubVersion along with Visual FoxPro. Both are open source replacements for version control systems like Visual SourceSafe.

The FXP format A deep look at the structure of the FXP format and tokenized code in VFP. With the information from this article, you are able to start writing your own decompiler for unencrypted code.